Mastering remote communication

Scope of Work


Affinity Map



Revised Problem Statement


Early Ideation

Concept Evolution

Mid-Fi User Testing Data
  • Task #1: Direct
  • Task #2: Indirect/Fail. User does not realize that they need to go through chat to achieve task. Overall app has this feature but unsure w/o familiarity.
  • Task#3: Direct. Minor issue of clicking on just contact icon to move forward.
  • Task #4: Indirect. User does not understand events can now hold various location options (virtual, in person, Microsoft Teams meeting)
  • Task #1: Direct due to open space. Wondering if addition of task information will create issues.
  • Task #2: Chat button needs to have more visibility.
  • Task#3: Make the text next to the contact icon clickable as well.
  • Task #4: Find a way to distinguish various location options available

Next Steps to High Fidelity Screens and Final User Testing




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Joyee M. Ghosh

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